Winter What?

Our beast is still parked based on us being gone almost every weekend for snowboarding and other family getaways. There just hast been time to work on the wheels with full time day jobs and this horrible “day light savings time” that we should all ban together…thats another issue in itself. So living on the eastern shore my whole life I can remember two major snow storms and it snowing hear there but melting away as soon as the sun came up, due to our salty air I love so much! As of tonight it’s about to snow again here for its third time this season and we are just now thinking to winterize our beast?!?!

We read a lot about “winterizing your RV” but until the thermostat in our own home wasn’t reaching our set temperature as is we looked at each other and said let’s get a move on! J.R. bought RV antifreeze and poured down every drain so hoping that helps. Here’s the thing, we of course emptied all our tanks but when we bought it the tank sensors have always been off so it’s hard to completely tell. We also have an RV that has electric hook up for everything but the water heater and the heat….so last minute thinking J.R. (his brilliant mind I cherish so) went and bought two heaters to blow on the kitchen and bathroom pipes inside for now.

Purpose of writing this is to remember our mistakes so we can be more diligent in the long run and to be thankful we have a home to stay warm in. I have seen some posts from others living in their RV full time and keep them in our thoughts for their warmth and wellness. I wish we lived in our RV full time and were able to travel in it now but I’m also thankful we are taking our time and learning what needs to be done for a future of happiness in the traveling beast! Stay warm our fellow RV’ers and keep posting so we can learn from your experiences!

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