Springfield Manor

Springfield Manor

September 3rd 2017

We were able to enjoy our Labor Sunday at the beautiful Springfield Manor located in Thurmont, Maryland outside of Frederick, Maryland.  Gorgeous weather and beautiful view of rolling hills filled with grape vines and lavender fields.  The best part about this place is its a winery, brewery and distillery all in one, so we felt like we hit the jack pot for one real great time!  We of course started at the wine tasting room and tried their whole list.  I was a big fan of their Chardonnay whilst J.R. ended up picking the wine slushi again hahaha!  I cannot blame him because this wine slushi he chose was rose flavored and not overly sweet.  We took those drinks up to the back side of the winery to stare at pretty Maryland hills.  Over to the right of us was a separate building for weddings and or other events.  There was an actual wedding happening that day so that couple and all the others who get married there have a gorgeous backdrop!  We ordered some small plates since they sell food and do not allow anyone to bring food in but the small plates of cheese and charcuterie were perfect to dine on while enjoying the beautiful day and our company.  Unfortunately, they were so busy and ran out of the three beers they make so we were not able to try them.  We did get to try their spirits though so if you would like to read more about them please click on our spirits page!

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