Samsung Chromebook Laptop – How to Work on the Internet

I have been working hard to find jobs or a new way of working on the internet so I can travel more. First I needed the right tools which was a versatile, easy to store and lightweight laptop. Started my search all last Fall season and finally after much comparison I decided to purchase the Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop. I have always been a Samsung Android phone user so I felt comfortable with this laptop just in general. Knowing the format of a particular system and being able to operate it simply in my mind is the most efficient due to saving time.


How to Work on the Internet

Reading the many blogs and researching on how my RV community on social media, are able to work on the internet and travel intrigued me so much that I knew I had to get serious with the right equipment. The Internet has allowed us to do so much nowadays that even computers are becoming more efficient and smaller to be able to access anywhere! I was able to prove this when I purchased the Samsung Chromebook back in December as an early Christmas gift to myself. Packing this lightweight and slim laptop for my first trip to the Outerbanks in North Carolina was the most exciting item I had packed for that trip! I was able to work some while staring at the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean and thought to myself “I have to have this life!”



Pro’s & Con’s

Pro’s of the Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop  which also converts into a tablet (which is the first PRO):

  1. Lightweight (a little over 2 lbs)
  2. Easy to pack in almost any bag
  3. Easy to type on (especially when you have small hands like me)
  4. Screen is 12.3 inches which I think is perfect size for watching videos and being able to read from it
  5. Converts into a tablet, making it more accessible
  6. It has 4GB which is larger than my expensive desktop computer (that I never use anymore)
  7. It has 32 GB of memory
  8. Battery life is 10 hours (It seems there are some days I don’t even remember needing to plug it in)
  9. It automatically connects to your Drive account which I find the best Pro!
  10. My other main favorite is that it’s power cord also charges my Samsung S9 Phone!

Con’s of the Samsung Chromebook Laptop, which I do not find many of those are:

  1. My Google photos do not sync into my Drive so having to transfer them over is horrible but this is not a Chromebook fault.
  2. When you do convert the laptop to the tablet the keyboard is in the way making it very awkward to use most of the time.


Laptop Comparisons

I of course took the time to compare laptops and the top three others I compared were:

  1. ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip
  2. Acer R11 11.6″ Convertible 2-in-1 HD Premium IPS Touchscreen Chromebook
  3. Samsung XE510C24-K01US Chromebook Pro

I found them all to be so similar in weight, style, memory, battery life and price that it took me awhile to think about them before purchasing. Since they were all Chromebooks I knew they would have similar format and all connect to my Google Drive. I am a Samsung user and seem to be loyal to the brand so my decision came down to Samsung Chromebook or the Samsung Chromebook Pro. What was the major difference between the two besides the $100 more price tag on the Pro? Well the regular Samsung Chromebook I purchased has more memory and hard drive space than the Pro does so it was a no brainer!

If you are out there trying to live the life of travel always start first with the most handy tool that will give you this life, your laptop!




2 Replies to “Samsung Chromebook Laptop – How to Work on the Internet”

  1. I have been researching laptops for my wife. She uses an iPad but that is not great when you need to type and screen is not very big,

    I looked at Apple laptops but the price tag is a bit much for our budget. I have never considered the Samsung as an option until reading this review.

    The price is certainly not an issue at around $300. The versatility to use it as a tablet is very enticing.

    If I read this correctly, the Pro version, for the price difference, you would not recommend correct?

    I think I know what to buy after reading this review so thank you.

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