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Apparently most RV’s have similar door keys and compartment keys where someone can just go over to another RV with your keys and unlock their camper door.  I was shocked when JR did his research on RV safety and found this little fact out.  Thank goodness he likes to watch YouTube videos and stumbled across a video on this RV Lock and it offers more protection which you can watch here.


RV Lock with Keyless Entry

This handle offers both improved security and convenience where we can have our own private key code.  Here are some facts below:

  • Has a heavy-duty steel core
  • Weather resistant
  • The V4 is the Industry’s Most Innovative and Secure Keyless RV Handle
  • Includes: (1) V4 Keyless Handle with Integrated Keypad, (1) Remote Fob, (2) Mechanical Keys and Simple Installation Hardware
  • Replaces Standard Handles (approx. 3.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″) – 5th Wheel, Bumper Pull, Traveler Trailer, Campers
  • Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Full 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

There are a lot of reviews on Amazon for this product which you can see here.



Easy Installation

This RV Lock is so easy to install that it only took JR an hour.  There are multiple videos of other RV’ers installing them and very good step by step directions.  You do not have to do any adjusting of your door to make it fit either.  It is easy to put in your own keyless code and you can connect up to 10 different keyless fobs per lock, which I don’t know who can fit 10 people in their RV to need their own key fob.


Which Campers Will This Lock Fit

There are some campers this lock will not fit but for the most part it fits most trailers and campers.  If you have a common door size opening then it will fit without showing any spaces.rv-lock-fits

Safer Travels

Basically the biggest lesson is to do your research on every single thing about a RV or a camper!  You need to research the tanks, the space, the tires, how to store the RV, your safety on the road and so much more.  I am very thankful to have a partner who takes a lot of spare time to research all about our vehicle/home.  RV Life is definitely easier with two people to help each other and learn from one another.

I hope this article has helped others learn about RV Locks and better securing yourself when you are out in the open.  We eventually want to travel to South America so taking extra precautions on everything now is better than learning the hard way later.


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