RV Life

We aren’t on the road full time yet but we are only in our 30’s and have much to accomplish before we set on for the RV Life! There are so many questions to answer and life situations to figure out such as debt, too many materials, and what business we can run together while funding us on the road.

Sure we could be like everyone else winging it, but we decided to get all our ducks in a row before we set off. After all this trip is mostly to figure out where we want to settle down for good as we are not huge fans of where we have been living for many years.

For now we are taking mini trips with our RV to settle any RV issues or lifestyle changes we may endure. So far living in an a small space RV together has not been an issue at all! We actually think living in our RV has brought us closer together. The feeling of really being able to rely on each other and support the other has been a real ease. We have a routine down with the dogs, with the way we park, and who has responsibilities during the set up/break down process.

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