Rubber Soul Brewing Company

You know that first place you met your special someone where your eyes locked and all you hoped for was for them to sit next to you or even say hello?  Rubber Soul Brewing Company is that place for JR and I.

We had both been to Rubber Soul Taproom before separately but throughout all these years living in close proximity of each other, within the same circle we had never met.  I was there for my almost 10th time, the taproom manager was a close friend of mine, and after 3 hours of sitting there, I knew it was time to leave but thank goodness I did not!

Enough of the love stuff though and let’s get back to the beer and where it all began!

About Rubber Soul Brewing Company

If you can guess what the niche theme of this brewery is then you must really be into themed breweries like us!  Rubber Soul is based on the love of craft beer and cycling by the Owner and Head Brewer, Jesse Prall.

Jesse got his start at Appalachian Brewing in his hometown in PA and then moved to Dogfish Head Brewing.  After 10 years and many promotions/awards, he created his own niche theme based on his second passion of cycling.  Craft beer drinking and cycling actually do go hand in hand based on making breweries stops for the cyclists to break from the heavy winded exercise.

Rubber Soul has been around for three years now and is the newest brewery to pop up on the eastern shore.  They work on a small barrel system but are moving up quickly to expanding their brewery, keg room and into canning!, High-Quality, Independent Brews Delivered Monthly, Quarterly, or Every Other Month! Click here!

The Atmosphere of Rubber Soul Brewing

prost-at-rubber-soul-brewingThe Brewery is in the industrial area of Salisbury where it had a small tap room for one to come in and drink a few pints or tasters to try all of their 8 beers on tap.  The tap room had a rustic feeling with stained pallet walls and a beautiful bar top.  Some extra space was filled with bicycles and a huge “Prost” sign, which is German for “Cheers”.

I know I keep saying words like “had” and that’s because they have recently closed their tap room due to needing more space for production.  When you buy a canning line plus have your brewhouse, storage, and keg room then space becomes very limited.

So for those who really like seeing where the liquid is made unfortunately you cannot with this one.  They worked together with another local Salisbury bar called Roadie Joes where they built a tap room just for Rubber Soul beers.

So if you are traveling to the Eastern Shore to have a brewery day then make Roadie Joe’s a stop to try everything Rubber Soul has to offer.


Rubber Soul’s Signature Brews

Rubber Soul is very IPA heavy and for one who does not favor IPA’s very much I was pleasantly surprised with how well I responded to their selection.

The beers they came out with first that I remember are:

  1. Paceline Session IPA
  2. High Wheel IPA
  3. Dropout Double IPA
  4. Urban Style Honey Ale

Paceline Session and Dropout are definitely in 16oz cans which you can find locally and in the state of PA and part of Delaware.

Our Favorites

If you are very hop forward like JR is then you will love this brewery!

Traci’s Favorite:  Urban Style Honey Ale

JR’s Favorite:  High Wheel IPA

This is not our favorite brewery but Rubber Soul Brewing will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will never forget this brewery based on it being the first place we met.

I not only met JR but I have met a lot of people at Rubber Soul based on it being the newest and hottest brewery at the time.  Breweries are not only amazing to travel to and taste new creations but also finding those that share the love of craft beer and understand how interesting every style and region makes it.

If anyone else has a cool brewery memory please share in comments below as it is so fun to hear these stories!


UPDATE 2/18/2019:  This brewery has closed at this location and will not be reopening in Maryland.  It’s sad to see the place we met not be around anymore but that is the risk in the craft beer business.

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