Our First blog

After many months of searching for a traveling home we finally found it, but let me go back a bit first….

J.R. and I first connected with each others great stories of all our travels in the past.  Weirdly enough we traveled to a lot of the same places throughout time.  When deciding to be exclusive summer of 2016 we went on a lot of small weekend trips and had a blast.buying-our-rv

Fall of 2016 we talked about where we should go and how he usually goes to England every two years to see his relatives for Christmas.  Well it had been since 2014 since he had seen them and my mind just starting flushing with ideas!  “Let’s go to England!”  So we went on an epic 3 week journey driving up, down, sideways and around seeing the many beautiful corners of the U.K.!


What We Realized

We got back to the states, sat down on our couch and looked at each other after that epic trip and said “well we are in trouble because all I wanna do is travel with you!”  So from there on out we thought how can we make that possible.  Many articles, research and exchanging ideas came to play throughout the spring until J.R. took an overland trip out west, unfortunately I had to stay behind, but he came home with the most interesting and possible idea I have ever heard of….become a vanlifer!

I was intrigued and asked so many questions and basically he said I want to buy a Sprinter van build it out and live in it full-time with you and travel to a new place every day, how do you say no to that???


Back to the Beginning

After 3 months of searching one day my phone was blowing up with text messages of how I need to go look at this RV as fast as possible.  There was a Ford E450 V10 B Touring Cruiser 4×4 RV with only 7000 miles on it and only 45 minutes from where we live currently.  Well I saw it, told J.R. that this was going to be our first home on wheels!  We picked up “The Beast” (as everyone kept calling it) last Thursday and we cannot wait to take it on our first adventure!

Stay tuned!


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