Nassau Valley Vineyard

Nassau Valley Vineyard

Lewes, Delaware

February 2, 2018

I have been passing this vineyard sign for many years and finally took the time to stop!  The Vineyard was founded in 1987 but did not open to the public until 1993 and it is Delaware’s first winery.   Their grape varieties they grow onsite consist of Chardonnay, Cabernet, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  All other grape juice they receive from other suppliers and blend with their own.  They have 14 wines they produce and sell but we tried 12 of them.  There is a tasting room where you can try 6 wines of your choice.  I mostly tried the dry wines while JR tried the sweet but we shared all 12.  The Rose was our favorite so we definitely took a bottle of that home!  Their tasting profile was mostly sweet but that is basically everywhere on the eastern shore due to the soil and every changing weather we have from hot to cold and cold to hot.  Their reds in my opinion were almost too dry and not full bodied at all like I like my red wines to be.  Their wines are great Summer wines though!

The coolest part about this place is they have a museum tunnel that looks like a wine cellar with old wine bottles and barrels.  Along the walls contain history of wine, how its made and history of the winery itself.  At the end of the fun historical tunnel you come up the actual wine making room which is underneath the tunnel and you can see the operation through glass windows.  The property contains two banquet areas to have weddings overlooking their vines and they also have Farmers market every Sunday!  A really cool spot for the little historical town of Lewes!

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