Jos. A. Magnus Co.

Jos. A. Magnus & Co. Entrance

We were actually trying to do a DC brewery tour all day on our own but on our way to one we found this awesome hidden spot in the same building as another brewery.  Jos. A. Magnus name dates back to the prohibition era and is making a comeback in Ivy City, DC’s district of brewing and distilling.




Prohibition Feel

Old Fashioned Copper Stills

Jos. A. Magnus is upstairs from Atlas Brew Works and we decided to take the tour of this one first because Atlas Brew Works seemed pretty busy. They give you a free tour first and then you can try their gin, bourbon and vodka. The tour was very small and quaint with a lot of historic pictures everywhere. They have a separate room you can rent out for parties which has a very 1920’s vibe.



Prohibition Cocktail Hour

Prohibition Cocktails
Jos. A. Magnus Spirits

We tried all the spirits after tour and then decided to stay and try one of their very interesting cocktails as you can see from their menu. JR ordered the Goldendoodle which had their “Navy Strength” gin (knocked me off my bar stool almost when just trying a taste of it) and I had the Saluki with their unfinished Bourbon. Both were delicious but just as I could not drink their bourbon neat (which is how I usually drink bourbon).  JR could not drink their gin and tonic as it was not dry enough for him.



A Must See in Ivy City

Barrel Room

Their barrel room was most impressive and their spirits are available in many states.  They have been winning Gold Medals in various categories since 2016.  You can pre-order their spirits and pick up at the distillery or buy them online.  This industrial area of DC does not have the best views but it’s full of hidden gems like this distillery.  The overall experience was great!  It was like we stepped back in time and felt very old fashioned in Ivy City!




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