Iron Hill Brewery Rehoboth

There are 16 Iron Hill Brewery locations within the Mid-Atlantic area and one brand new one in South Carolina. They do not distribute and are more of an in house brewpub chain. Their buildings always have an amazing aesthetic to them inside and out.

The food is amazing! We just got a few different appetizers to share and they were the perfect little small plates to satisfy our appetite and wash down with some clean craft brews. They have two flight choices you can order so of course, I got one and JR got the other so we could try all eight.

About Iron Hill Brewery Rehoboth

Iron Hill’s motto is to have beer brewed ten feet from your table so no beer could be as local as them. The freshest craft beer and food made from scratch. They have been brewing for over 20 years now and have won several awards at the Great American Beer Festival.

When I worked for my first local brewing company, 3rd Wave Brewing, our head brewer there started out at Iron Hill in one of their Pennsylvania locations. He stayed with 3rd Wave for five years and then was offered the head brewer position at this new location in Rehoboth. I am sure he feels a little more relaxed in this atmosphere because he does not need to worry about distribution and just brew beer in the house for all the guests who come into eat and have great local brews.

The Atmosphere of Iron Hill Brewery Rehoboth

This particular location is right on the highway before all the popular shopping outlets. They have a beautiful brew room with glass all around it located behind the bar. The seating is situated pretty perfectly so almost every seat you can see them brew. There is a beautiful large patio for outside seating as well!iron-hill-brewhouse

The kitchen is completely open so you can see the chefs preparing meals which is always nice to see and smell. We enjoyed some amazing Nashville Hot chicken sliders and crispy Brussels, my mouth is watering as I type this! If we could have tried more we would of but it was a long day of eating and drinking since it was JR’s birthday! We will just have to try out some of their other locations.

iron-hill-muralThey also had some cool artwork which seemed very vintage and I did not understand the theme. Apparently, they have this one artist that paints all their murals for their brewpubs. I very much like how they try to keep their food, beer, and art very local.

Iron Hill Brewery Rehoboth Signature Brews

Their Iron Hill Light Lager and White Iron Wit are two brews they are known for which I have had in the past. They are very clean tasting and easy to drink with almost any type of food. The two flights they had to try were called “Hop It” flight and “Koastal Crush” flight. JR, of course, got the “Hop It” flight and I the “Koastal Crush” flight. We tried each of them especially since a lot of them seemed to be seasonal or one time brews.


Our Favorites

I am a Kolsch fan myself so I was most excited about the Koastal Crush. JR liked the Juicy IPA and the Hopicana IPA. For those who like a light variety of every style, this brewery is the one to try out if you are in the Pennsylvania or Delaware area!

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