Iguana Mama and 12 Waterfalls

I am a waterfall nut! I mean I want to see every waterfall in the entire world! They are the most beautiful and pure element I have ever encountered. Spending hours looking upon them and how amazing the earth shapes these majestic structures. I made sure to find a waterfall/hiking excursion while in the Dominican. Luckily enough JR’s cousins who we stayed with brought up this waterfall excursion before I could even ask if they knew of hiking in the area. They said the first thing we had to do was book a tour trip with Iguana Mama for the 12 waterfalls tour, I was already hooked with those few little words!  I checked them out on Viator and the pictures spoke to me as if I had to go no matter what!

About the Tour

Decline from the major incline

Iguana Mama is the top adventure tourism company in Puerto Plata.  This tour was a great experience for us and other families around us! They have everything from hiking tours, waterfall jumping/sliding, zip lining, city tours, atv adventures and way more. I booked the excursion the next day but we decided to do the midway 12 waterfalls. Technically it says 27 waterfalls of Damajagua but there are actually 12 waterfalls and the rest are pools. So we decided to do the “Midway 12 waterfalls” which was cheaper and we actually got to see and jump/slide off the main waterfalls. The 27 pools is more hiking and strenuous so it seemed like the better idea for our first time together in many years doing strenuous water activities.

The Start of our Adventure

Walking towards the first jump

We started out walking across this river and hiking up about 45 minutes to the top waterfall, number 12. We start here with our first slide down which was about 8-10 feet high and then swim your way out of it to the next hike. The waterfall slides are natural and smooth but tight, keep those arms in and the legs straight! Once you slide down, the powerful water streaming off the fall pushes you down under so those life vests come in handy to push you back up. But once your head is out of the water and you are able to look up at the majestic structure, I felt at peace and connected to the earth which I don’t think we all get to experience enough of. The water is a cool hazy bluish grey color, almost glacier looking. After that 45 minute hike, jumping in the cool water was an instant relief!

Video of our first waterfall jump


The 25 Foot Jump

The largest waterfall jump there

We jumped or slid down a few more surrounded with the beautiful green canopy above us just having the time of our lives. Then we came to the biggest jump with no slide available. It was a 25 foot jump which doesn’t sound bad but looking down was a different story. Now for someone who has been skydiving, hang-gliding and hiking the southern alps in New Zealand, I could not jump off this 25 foot jump. I watched the boys jump and having a great time since there was a walk way around the waterfall to the bottom wishing I had jumped with them. I walked up to the edge and just about jumped but got this sick feeling in my stomach and couldn’t do it. At least getting to see the beauty of this waterfall looking down and then swimming under it made me feel like I did not miss out.


What was Waiting for Ustraci-in-water

Nearing the end we all wanted to just go back up and do it all over again so we probably could of completed the 27 pools with more hiking but at least we accomplished the 12; plus we were starving!

They had a good old fashioned Dominican buffet laid out for us when we got to the bottom with some Cuba Libres. All of this was included in the price which made it even more worth it! Funnily enough on our way to the forest for excursion I had to use the bathroom so badly before we went hiking and JR said “they probably won’t have bathrooms there.” Basically because you should of seen the hour drive up there, it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere. Pulling up the


excursion there was a full bathroom facility with bathrooms, showers, a little shop, a little bar and big area to lounge in the sun. This place was definitely thought out well to combine comfort and nature.

After we changed intro dry clothes we devoured the delicious roasted chicken, veggies, rice and beans. We are not into rum and never drink it but for some reason in the Dominican the rum just flowed and we just followed.


  Why You Should Book A Tour with Iguana Mama

Walking to get some Cuba Libres

While waiting for the rest of our group who did the 27 we continued to drink rum, lounge and check out our personal photos that we only paid $50 bucks for. Well worth it to receive over 100 photos and video of not just our adventure but the landscape itself.   In total this trip cost $360 (plus tips to tour guides) for the five of us to go!  I thought that was a steal for this kind of adventure.  We also went around talking to our guides and thanking them for their lead through the excursion. They knew every step of those waterfalls by heart and made sure everyone stayed safe. They would catch us if they saw us about to slip or pull our life vests to make sure we got out of the rip pool from the bottom of the falls and much more. Very fun, friendly and energetic staff made this excursion on the top level and one we will never forget!

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Ending the waterfall tour

4 Replies to “Iguana Mama and 12 Waterfalls”

  1. Iguana mama kicks a lot of butt. Back in the old days I actually do meditation under waterfalls. I like the sounds they make when they come splashing them. It is so peaceful, and you get to stay close to nature.

    Most importantly, it sends mosquitoes away because the water keeps splashing down. Your trip is awesome because there are actually natural water slides you can play with. You can simply slide down and hike back up again to repeat the process. This trip can probably help me lose weight and have fun at the same time. I probably can’t meditate there though lol. What do you think?

    1. Waterfalls are my favorite part of nature.  They are so natural, calming and beautiful!  Due to the large terrain we hiked up to get to the waterfalls you still could not hear them until you got right up to them.  There were a lot of people off the hiking trail that were chilling near it doing their own nature walks and looking at Dominican’s beauty!  I think you could find a spot or two to meditate.

  2. This adventure looks so fun! The pictures are beautiful. I too love waterfalls, a tour of 12 sounds amazing. I will definitely considering this for an upcoming trip.

    I was wondering how long the whole trip took you? Was it a lot of hiking or were there pretty good paths so it wasn’t too difficult?

    1. If you love waterfalls then you will love this trip!  The paths are very good and easy for almost anyone to trek.  There are a few narrow paths and some are have some very deep slopes but the guides are there with you all the way to make sure you safely get from begining to the end.  

      I think the whole trip took about 4 hours because we were with a large group so it might be depending on how many people they take.  I hope you are able to go and have an amazing time!

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