Finally on the Road 

Haven’t been able to post anything for awhile because the Traveling Beast has been back at dealer getting new batteries and a new microwave.  When we first brought the Beast home we plugged in over night but the power source was still not up to par.  JR realized they put one used battery and one new battery which apparently a used battery can drain the source of a new battery for those who just learned this little bit of common sense like me Hahaha!  Luckily still less than 30 days of purchase they put two brand new batteries and large microwave to fit whole casserole dishes in!

So it’s finally back in our driveway safe and sound but only an hour later it’s leaning on the back drivers side….thinking it’s a flat tire??  Well guess again, it was a cracked wheel!  I never in my life have seen a cracked wheel.  Meanwhile we just got the Beast back in time from the RV dealer two days before our first trip and now we felt we were never going to take it on the road.

This next paragraph is going to give you the reason why I am not fearful one bit to eventually travel for an extensive amount of time.  JR, he is the reason!  Without any hesitation he said “I will email the previous owner about what happened to see if he can fix it quickly from his old wheels.”  I am so very overwhelmed learning everything that this thought didn’t cross my mind.  Sure enough the previous owner called him at 10 after 8am and we were booked!  The previous owner has been such a lucky charm to us and we say to each every time how this RV was meant to be for us.  The previous owner’s shop is only 10 minutes from where we live so we were able to drive this Beast on a cracked rim in no time; even though our nerves were on the very edge.  He offered us to buy his other wheels and tires overtime so we can always have spares.  Also offered us a brand new, never used, custom made cover for the Beast for free because he would never be able to use it.  Shows you to always stay positive even when you do not understand situation rely on those and each other to find a solution!

We embark on our first trip today to Frederick, MD to see great friends.  We will also be going to the Annapolis Renaissance festival which is my official first time there and I cannot wait!  This will be an easy first time getaway before we venture to Asheville, NC for our big trip at the end of the month.

Happy Labor day everyone!  Hope you spend your freedom weekend with your loved ones and be adventurous!

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