Evolution Craft Brewing Company

Evolution Craft Brewing Company was the first brewery to ever start in Wicomico County, Maryland is Evolution Craft Brewing company and boy was it exciting!  2008 (WOW ten years ago) was the first year I was mystified by the beginning boom of the craft beer industry.

I had just turned 22 and already had a huge interest in the alcohol industry just based on the creation and amazing process.  I have to say Evolution Craft Brewing Company definitely got a great head start and due to that they soared in popularity, soon everyone followed.

About Evolution Craft Brewing Company

They didn’t start on the eastern shore of Maryland like they wanted to because the city of Salisbury did not allow it, not realizing that breweries bring in tourism money.  EVO (what most of us call the local brewery) opened in Delmar, Delaware in a small warehouse building that used to be a grocery store back in the day.

There is nothing in Delmar, Delaware still to this day besides 3rd Wave Brewing that bought the brewery from EVO back in 2012 when EVO finally moved to Salisbury, Maryland.  Delmar has definitely been put on the map now based on these two breweries alone.

Two brothers started the brewery who also owned a few restaurants in the Salisbury area.  They created a very cultural concept that caught on very quickly and finally gave this town some class!

Once Salisbury realized they were missing out on this popular booming business they let them get a permit to brew in the city.  There they found a large warehouse that used to be an Ice making company.  This building is right across from the local hospital right in the hub of the city.

This move made them boom even more by not only creating a larger area to brew beer but also a side room for their tasting room and a large brewpub with inside and outside seating called “The Public House”.

The Atmosphere of Evolution Craft Brewing Company

EVO is definitely the place to be in this town if you like good craft beer and ever-changing crafty food!  It is your one-stop shop for any couple who loves draft beer to have a full afternoon into the evening date.

You can start with a tour which you can find more info about tour times here.

Then head to the tasting room and try their many beers and different styles for every palate.  After getting the full knowledge of their beers and finding one to your liking head over to the Public House right next door and grab some great eats!  I mostly enjoy their ever-changing cheese boards and pair them with a beer flight, just a suggestion.

Signature Brews of EVO

In my opinion, they are a little IPA heavy for me but IPA is the most popular style and evo-lot-3-ipapeople love the bitterness.  They do have a great array of barrel aged beers if you hit them up at the right time!

Their signature beer is EVO Lot 3 IPA which is literally seen in almost every single bar or restaurant on Delmarva.  I am not sure what the big appeal is but Lot 3 is most people’s go to around here.

The next popular beer I would say that you will also see everywhere is Primal Pale Ale which is a nice light American pale ale that goes well with almost anything.  It is not overly hoppy like some of their others.

Our Favorites

Traci’s Favorite:  Lucky #7 Porter or their Rise Up Coffee Stout

JR’s Favorite:  Lot 3 IPA or Lot 6 Double IPA

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