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If you want to experience the historic part of the Eastern Shore of Maryland then St Michael’s is the town! I was in awe a few years ago when I heard there was a brewery, winery, distillery, and cidery all in one town and all in walking distance of each other!

We finally got a full day to experience them all and it was quite busy as they were having their sea glass festival. Multiple little tents were full of great local crafts in between tours of the great local craft. They have wine festivals and big Christmas week festival of lights. St Michael’s is the one-stop town for shopping, eating, touring and drinking!

About Eastern Shore Brewing Company

Due to the festival happening that day they were super busy and had a band playing so we were not able to do our norm and buy flights to share to try all their beers. We have tried some of their mainstays in the past at previous beer festivals so it wasn’t a total loss. We also like to get the full brewery experience by touring their brew house as well but again were too packed for tours.

The vibe we received was basically an old town Eastern shore bar where the locals definitely hang out. We saw the bartenders constantly give high fives and know a person by names even with the out of towners for the Sea Glass festival.

Asked for a flight of all beers but they had a rule of not serving flights during bands playing which is understandable as it takes a lot of time to pour flights. We thought we would hang out and get their vibe and just come back later. They closed early that day and we were an hour from home so we didn’t get to experience their taste profile. They are definitely a laid back brewery while you are in town for the weekend or an after lunch beer.

The Atmosphere Eastern Shore Brewery

Walking in there was a small bar with about 10 taps. The bar area is small and quaint with very few seats but the rest of the bar had a bunch of high tops to enjoy a pint at. There was a small door heading into their brew house but no window to see their actual system like we are used to seeing.

Their brewery used to be the old flour mill called Just Right Flour Mill. They have huge red barn doors walking in up the stairs with an old mill look. There is no food available as they are strictly a brewhouse but they do serve cheese and meat boards to pair with their ales.

The best thing about this brewery is that it’s located right next door to St Michael’s Winery, across the street from the Great Shoals Cidery and in front of Lyon Distillery!  Walking distance from all local craft liquor!

Eastern Shore Brewery’s Signature Brews

eastern-shore-brewing-beersSt Michael s Ale is their flagship brew filled with blended American hops which we have had previously at past local beer fests.

Duck Duck Goose is their signature Porter which reflects a traditional English Style Porter.

Situation Critical IPA is their signature IPA full of West Coast hops dry hopped with over two pounds of hops per barrel.

Our Favorites

We didn’t try there on site but I have enjoyed their St Michaels ale in the past because it is a nice light ale that is not overly hoppy.

JR likes the IPA’s so he has had their Situation Critical IPA in the past.

We were both very curious about their newest seasonals they had available while were there but did not want to commit to a full pint.

I wanted to try their El Pepe which is a light lager that reflects a traditional Mexican lager. JR wanted to try their Strawberry Shakedown which is a New England Style IPA and is all the craze right now!

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Weekend Visit

If you live around the regional area of Maryland, Delaware or Virginia (or traveling these parts) it’s a definite stop to see a pastime town in a historic building. The Eastern Shore of Maryland has more history than I ever expected!

The very small town of St Michaels, the population of a little over a thousand, has done a great job making their town a full experience. Their creative local business’ minds make sure they create festivals and historic learning a priority. They count on travelers and local tourism to make their town what it is today. We always try to give back to small towns that try really hard and leave footprints that capture our happy experiences.

Learn more about the history of Maryland Breweries here!

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