Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is on tap literally everywhere you go.  Every bar seems to always carry one of their mainstream beers plus one of their many seasonals or specialties they make!

This is JR’s favorite brewery and we have lots of great friends who work or have worked for the company.  Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is on the top of both our lists to see if you are a true craft beer lover!

About Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

One of the oldest craft breweries in Delaware that makes the eastern shore of Delaware a huge tourism magnet is Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.  It was one of the two breweries to open in 1995 in Delaware but has soared the highest and is the most recognizable names from Delaware.

Dogfish Head’s original brewery location started back in 1995 on Rehoboth Avenue.  Originated as the smallest commercial brewery brewing only two or three 10 gallon batches a day!

original-dogfish-headBy the mid-2000’s they got so big that they built their now 200 barrel brewhouse in Milton, Delaware.  Their original brewpub just had a recent transformation into an amazingly large building where the original one was.

Their original brewery/brewpub was just torn down in 2017.  I was lucky enough to find a painting of the original brewpub before they tore it down as a gift for JR.

The Atmosphere of Dogfish Head

We have drank their beer for a long time now and it is JR’s favorite local brewery ever!  He has visited the brewery many times but I honestly had not so we decided to go one rainy Saturday.

While driving there you feel like you are driving to the middle of nowhere surrounded by farmland.  Dogfish Head brewery turns into its own little village.  Where once you are finished your day there you might think about buying one of those cute little townhomes that are walking distance to the brewery with a craft beer related view every day!


When pulling up you will see many large outdoor fermenters as tall as condominiums by the beach.  You will also see the infamous Steampunk Treehouse which you can read about it more here.


Don’t worry about food either because you will see their Lunchbox shaped food truck where the menu changes daily.  They specialize in Dogfish Head craft beer-infused foods and their “Sausage of the Day” which always goes well with beer!

They have tours available every day.  There are multiple tours you can take but you definitely want to try out the free one where you get to try tasters of some of there beers 30 minutes before the tour begins!  They take you through the main brewing area and a nice walk to their very large warehouse where they bottle and can; which is pretty amazing!


Once you are done the tour you can go back and buy a few pints and enjoy the community sized tasting room or shop at their little store full of Dogfish swag!

Dogfish Head Signature Brews

The beers you can see just about anywhere on the shore are their 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute Double IPA, Namaste White, and SeaQuench Session Sour.  A lot of these beers are available in cans and in a lot of package stores.  There are so many more beer styles though!


Dogfish Head Brewery Eats

If you are in the Rehoboth area you can dine at their Chesapeake and Maine or their Brewing & Eats Brewpub.  Both are amazing with different menus and unique atmospheres.  They are located right next to each other on Rehoboth Beach Avenue.

Chesapeake and Maine’s concept was built on the owner, Sam Calaigione, younger years by growing up on the Chesapeake and spending his summers in Maine.  This restaurant is a seafood-inspired restaurant from both shores and Dogfish Head inspired cocktails.  The building itself reminds you of being on a ship and in an open seafood market all at the same time.


Growing up on the Chesapeake myself I am a huge seafood lover so I often like to partake in their seafood specials.  I hope to one day be okay spending money on their amazing seafood tower filled with cold, crisp fresh shellfish of all kinds!

Brewing & Eats is Dogfish Head’s brewpub is right next door and newly built in 2017.  The building is two stories with a very open floor plan and a big stage for local music acts and entertainment!  Their burgers are fantastic and you can try almost any beer they have at the brewery in Milton.

Their newly made Dogfish Head Distillery is also in the same location as the brewery.  At the time of our visit, they were still building it so we could not tour it.  All their spirits are available in stores and their restaurant locations.  Their Compelling Gin is probably our favorite and has been around a long time.  I foresee a lot more styles coming through!

They also have the Dogfish Inn in Lewes, Delaware.  16 room Inn right in the downtown of the oldest town in Delaware.  Small and cozy but walking distance from many gourmet restaurants and boutique shops.  Just minutes from the Lewes Cape May Ferry for those traveling to or from New Jersey shore.

Each room has a mini fridge with a Dogfish Growler to keep filling up with great local craft beer!  Every room has a coastal beach look with Dogfish artwork and unique pieces of furniture.  There is a little courtyard with a fireplace and an area to play cornhole games!  Oh yeah, and it’s dog-friendly!  There is a small one-time flat fee for having your dogs stay with you but it’s worth it when there are so many places to take them for walks.

Our Favorites

Dogfish always has a lot of new styles and one-off’s that constantly come out.  We are lucky to live close enough to the source and be able to try them often before they hit nationally.

Traci’s Favorite:  Favorite year-round style is Seaquench Session Sour.  Favorite one-off was Beer Thousand which was a beer made to celebrate the spirit of Indie Rock Greats.  Beer Thousand was brewed with 10 grains, 10 hop varieties and was 10% ABV!


JR’s Favorite:  Favorite year round is 60 Minute IPA.  Favorite seasonal or rarity is 75 Minute IPA which is a special cask-conditioned ale that they brew for winter time.  This beer is a blend of 60 Minute and 90 Minute IPA,

Anyone who has been to this amazing brewery please share your experience below!  What has been your favorite Dogfish Head beer?

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7 Replies to “Dogfish Head Craft Brewery”

  1. You have me missing Colorado and all my old craft beer joints, after reading this. I admit it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed any drinking – but this sounds like a good spot, too.

    I haven’t been to Delaware, but I like the idea of a road trip somewhere in my future where I go try a bunch of artisan foods, and fun drinks – wine tours, craft beer, etc.

    It sounds like you and JP are having fun with that.

    This is one I’m going to bookmark. Keep them coming!

    1. Oh Great!  Yeah it’s a fun spot!  You wouldn’t believe there are 18 breweries and 3 wineries in the small state of Delaware so I have plenty more coming!  I’ve never been to Colorado and am dying to go!  I’m glad you enjoyed and hope you get to the East Coast!

  2. This sounds like a great stop on our next trip down towards the Delaware shore. I’ve always enjoyed craft beers and getting to see where and how they make them is a treat.
    You mentioned the original location was torn down. The larger building in its place, is that a new Dogfish Head building?

    1. Yes this is a definite stop!  So the original brew pub/brewery was torn down and made into a brand new brew pub which is located on Rehoboth Ave.  The brand new brewery which is their production brewery is in Milton, Delaware.  Milton is probably 25 minutes from Rehoboth but add on more time if it’s in the summertime due to traffic.  I would tour the brewery first personally and then head to the brewpub for lunch or dinner since the brewery tap room in Milton closes earlier than the brewpub in Rehoboth!  Enjoy and cheers!

  3. post is awesome! I actually would like to take my brother in law on a tour, because the loves beer and this would be a great birthday gift. The addition of the tour link felt like you were reading my mind.
    My only issue is I couldn’t find the area to click on the box for the privacy policy. I was unable to leave my post? I know other people posted, but I couldn’t find it.
    best of luck!

  4. I am a huge Dogfish Head fan! I have had the 60 minute IPA, but have not tried the Namaste White. I can’t wait to have fresh seafood in the ship themed atmosphere at the Chesapeake brewery. I am really looking forward to stopping at their brewery for good beer, good food, and good company when we take our trip out east next month. Thanks for all of the helpful info. Cheers to good beers!

    1. Oh great to hear!  It’s crazy how Dogfish Head is such a huge craft brand that people know of but have never seen.  I love being able to tell be I live so closely to the amazingly large brewery in the very small state of Delaware.  I hope you enjoy your visit!  Cheers to you!

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