Delaware Craft Beer

Craft breweries of Delaware we have toured and visited personally. For a small state with only three counties there are a ton of craft breweries, you can’t miss them.


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is on tap literally everywhere you go.  Every bar seems to always carry one of their mainstream beers plus one of their many seasonals or specialties they make!

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My absolute favorite brewery on the eastern shore!  They create my favorite styles of Belgians and Wheats.  Their beer is always consistent and clean tasting.

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Big Oyster brewery has been in production for a while in one of their restaurant locations in Rehoboth, Delaware. I have been attracted to their beers for a while because their theme and craft beer selection has been marketed very well without having a full production.

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There are 16 Iron Hill Brewery locations within the Mid-Atlantic area and one brand new one in South Carolina. They do not distribute and are more of an in house brewpub chain. Their buildings always have an amazing aesthetic to them inside and out.

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