Oskar Blues Brewing


Oskar Blues second brewery location is in Brevard, North Carolina.  Had to travel the other 30 minutes to Oskar Blues because you just have to. For those who love this brewery and can not get to their original location in Colorado then yes go here.

inside-oskar-bluesWe took a free tour of their brewery which was very laid back for such a large brewery which is not a bad thing but not as corporate as you would think. Apparently, they made their second location here in North Carolina because the water is so pure. Not many people think of that but you have to use good water to make great beer just like coffee.

They have a huge outside area with a bar to chill and then up the stairs is oskar-blues-beer-patioan inside taproom and their shop to take home beer, swag, clothing, etc… We found out an amazing fact that they brew Cigar City beer there which are from Florida. Oskar Blues is intentionally becoming a brewery hub so other craft breweries are not lost to the corporate Anheuser Busch. I admire this in a way so craft beer can stay small and exclusive which is why we all love it!

My favorite: Old Chub and Ten fidy

J.R.’s favorite: Death by Coconut

Sierra Nevada Brewing


Sierra Nevada‘s second brewery location is in Fletcher, North Carolina.  So far the most impressive brewery I have been to! J.R. visited this location in 2015 and ever since I have know him he has been talking about this location and how impressive it is (and he loves loves Dogfish Head in Delaware). HE WAS RIGHT!

jr-traci-enjoying-sierra-nevadaThey have the greatest entry way with a huge gate with letters of SN on it and you have to travel up this large winding hill to get to the amazing large parking lot that even has plug ins for electric cars! As you are walking up there are large vats full of beer to fuel the country!

Walked inside and you immediately see the bar full of Sierra Nevada beerthe-back-porch-at-sierra-nevada taps and people just laughing and enjoying their eats. We wanted to be outside though and enjoy the amazing weather so we went to their Back Porch bar to grab a pint. Once we got our pint we grabbed a shady spot and listened the great band playing in their backyard amphitheater. It was like being at a lawn concert but with great craft beer straight from the source!

sierra-nevada-lawnSierra Nevada was my first craft beer at age 21 and at the time it was a hoppy one but ever since my palate has expanded I have appreciated their many styles. This is a must see brewery especially if one cannot get to the west coast to enjoy their original location.

My favorite: I had their Hop and Sour there but ultimate favorite is their Otra Vez

J.R.’s favorite: FOMO NE Style IPA

Burial Beer Co.

Burial Beer Co is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  Definitely a cool spot, a brewery destination that brings one to another level. The way the brewery is laid out looks like a happy cemetery. From their taps, beer names and outside layout makes you want to stay and try more. Their food truck attached to brewery has amazing sounding dishes to feed your appetite. I again did not pick a flight of beers I enjoyed which were mostly blonde ales and Belgian styles but it was still a very cool place to visit.

My favorite: did not find one I liked at the time.

J.R.’s favorite: Gang of Blades IPA

Catawba Brewing Co.

Catawba Brewing Co. is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  When I hear the word Catawba I think of the South Carolina grape variety that is sweet and subtle. I had to try this place, not because it’s only a little bit of walking distance from Twin Leaf Brewing Co. but because I wanted to see what great beers they could possibly have.

catawba-brewing-coLooking at their beer menu though I could not find anything interesting guest taps from Urban Orchard Ciders in Asheville. I tried a few from J.R.’s flight but nothing tasted to my palate. They do have a very spacious open brewery where they brew exclusives right near the tap room. I feel they mostly have the open space and outside area for parties but its still a cool place to see.

My favorite: none just their guest taps from Urban Orchard Ciders

J.R.’s favorite: Friki Tiki Mango IPA

Twin Leaf Brewery


Twin Leaf Brewery is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  In my personal opinion, absolutely beautiful laid out brewery! Walking in just reminded me of being in a brewing castle with fauna everywhere!

I know that doesn’t help with what you would imagine but that is the best way I can express my view. We sat at the bar but could view the brewing experience and smell the wonderful Belgian yeast in the air!

As you can tell I am a Belgain beer lover so this is why this brewery was my favorite of the day because of all their Belgian beer choices. J.R. and I both loved the same beers there which will tell you their Belgian beers were on point although there was this one exclusive there called Herger the Joyous Wheat Wine. At this point of the day, I was getting a little buzzed (we were walking) so I did not take very good notes on the beers but it is definitely a destination brewery to check out!

Wicked Weed Brewing


inside-wicked-weed-brewingWicked Weed Brewing is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  Probably the most popular and top producing brewery in Asheville, NC is a must see when you are in town. They are now owned by Anheuser Busch but I do not think this will hurt their existence nor stop being a must see!

wicked-week-flightsKnown for their sour ales (which I could not appreciate 3 years ago) they are some of the best sours in the whole country. This was our first stop for our day of brewery tours in downtown Asheville before Overland Expo. We not only went for their exclusives but for their delicious food as well to gain substance for our long day of beer flights!

J.R. and I had a fellow beer lover join us for the day, Donny from our Overland group, and they both enjoy the IPA styles whilst I enjoy everything else. They have a beautiful outside eating area and on the inside dining area, there is much to look at.

funkatoriumWe both have been to this brewery separately a few years ago when we did not know each other but it has changed a bit since going corporate, not in a terrible way but in a good way. For instance, they built their own barrel aged building for exclusive sours and barrel aged beers called the Funkatourium a few feet down the street.

Having a second location is double the amount of visitors from their first location heading right to their second location to try their craft exclusives. Which is exactly what we did leaving from the first location to their second and checking out the many many barrels they have stored for more great beer!

My favorite: Denouement sour ale and go to Ricks Pilsner

J.R.’s favorite: Barrel aged Xibalba Pumpkin beer

We both enjoyed equally the Plum sour which was a fun style.