Catawba Brewing Co.

Catawba Brewing Co. is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  When I hear the word Catawba I think of the South Carolina grape variety that is sweet and subtle. I had to try this place, not because it’s only a little bit of walking distance from Twin Leaf Brewing Co. but because I wanted to see what great beers they could possibly have.

catawba-brewing-coLooking at their beer menu though I could not find anything interesting guest taps from Urban Orchard Ciders in Asheville. I tried a few from J.R.’s flight but nothing tasted to my palate. They do have a very spacious open brewery where they brew exclusives right near the tap room. I feel they mostly have the open space and outside area for parties but its still a cool place to see.

My favorite: none just their guest taps from Urban Orchard Ciders

J.R.’s favorite: Friki Tiki Mango IPA

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