Brookeville Beer Farm

Brookeville Beer Farm

Ever since I knew JR he has always spoken about his childhood home that he unfortunately had to leave due to the loss of his parents in the same year at a very young age. He is 34 now and had to move 250 miles away from his many friends at the age of 14 about to start high school.

brookeville-farm-brewingWe were heading to DC area anyway for our valentines weekend and I thought as my gift to him I would track down the current owner and see if they would let us tour his childhood home. With the help of JR’s sister in law, who is in real estate, she looked up the tax records and got the name of the current owner. I already knew address from JR so I wrote a 2 page letter explaining the reason for this letter.

JR went to my childhood home when I was 30 where I also had to leavebrookeville-farm-brewing-flights when I was 14 but not for the terrible circumstances he had to. It was very special to have him there to see the home I grew up in and I just had to do the same for him. I gave the new owner all my personal info and my social media pages so she knew I was not being creepy but for a genuine reason. She called me a week and half later of when I sent the letter. We spoke for a while and she said she would honor my request and we set up a time and date.

outside-of-brookeville-farm-breweryAnyways this has nothing to do with the brewery but she let us know about this cute little beer farm right around the corner so we had to go. Such a great spot to have great pizza and beer. The space is very cozy with an overlook of the brewery from the bar. There were 13 beers and 1 cider on tap of theirs so we tried all of course. The pizza was made in a Brick oven and was perfectly crispy! There was another spot off to the side where you could order seafood and shucked oysters so it was the best of all Maryland. The staff was very friendly and they have a cool grocery style section where you can buy 6 packs to go and their farms cheese and eggs.

JR’s favorite:  Hop Envy NE IPA

Traci’s favorite:  Lost Barrels: Lot #3 Stout

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