American Winery Guide

J.R. and I met for the first time at a local brewery on a random Wednesday afternoon.  After talking for a few hours we realized we both had one major thing in common, craft alcohol!  We love trying everything and experiencing how our palates change/grow with everything we taste.  Craft alcohol taste changes with the foods you eat, the hop varieties, malt varieties, fruits and so much more!  We decided when we started this traveling idea that we would blog about every brewery, winery and distillery we traveled to.

JR’s Favorite Varietal:  Old Vine Zin

Traci’s Favorite Varietal:  Cabernet

With the rise and growth of so many micro breweries, single vineyards and small distilleries we have to ride the wave and taste for ourselves while these businesses are actively creating.  You can follow our journey and learn our favorites at each place.  Most of all we are looking forward to looking back on these posts to remember our experiences.




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