10 Days Away

We have finally embarked on our full trip of 10 days away solely living out of the RV.  This will be a huge test of living, surviving and thriving to get a feel of really wanting to do this full time!

Since last post we took the RV up to Fredrick county but only slept in it to get used to it.  Then we took last Saturday to Seashore Park in Rehoboth, Delaware one night to fully figure out how to hook and set up…we wished we took another day because it was fantastically relaxing.  Biking around the bridge to a local bar, watching movies in the RV afterwards then waking up to a beautiful water view with coffee.  Granted we were only 45 minutes from home but great start!

Since Fredrick trip we have added a new flat screen t.v., black out curtains, foldable bikes with rack, extra storage amenities and a Wi-Fi extender for business on the road.  All of these were added from sleeping in it and realizing the little stuff to add a bit more familiars was worth it!

So start of the trip was Thursday September 21st and we were ready for North Carolina wilderness.  About two hours into the trip our radiator hose blew off and leaked coolant everywhere while on the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel.  Started smelling something very strange then smoke everywhere!  Yes this sounds horrible but J.R. handled in the most quick and calm manner.  He popped hose back on with tools (by the way definitely bring a well stocked tool box or bag) then I just kept handing him jugs of water from our water tank to at least get us across the bridge.  Another handy tip make sure water tank is always full or pack tons of drinking water gallons to use then fill later for your drinking needs.  Stopped at auto zone to grab some coolant and it was back on the road.

Arriving finally but very late to Uwharrie Forest, North Carolina to a very wide open space full of amazing built out vehicles and friendly faces.  J.R. belongs to Anvil Adventures which is a small off roading group that get together every year to camp and off road together.  We were greeted with oooh’s and ahhh’s of our RV.  Questions, smiles and laughs made us feel so part of the group even if I had never met them or if J.R. sees them once a year.  We set up amongst the best for the American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous and looking forward to meeting new and maintaining old relationships so we can learn and grow!


Blown radiator hose with a great view!

Owner and maker lives out of full time in a Mercedes Unimog!  Unreal!

Tear drop military camper!

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